This summer, Ethan is a Software Engineering Intern at Etsy on the Checkout Team. Keep Commerce Human!

Ethan is currently part of The Berkeley Group which does probono consulting in the social sector! During the school year, Ethan has also continued an internship at Alpaca where he is building financial tools like a Go plugin for collecting crypto data and CryptoScan!

Ethan has done an internship with Whose Your Landlord where he helped convert their Ruby on Rails platform to the React framework, developed a custom analytics system using Javascript, and squashed quite a few bugs. He has also participated in various hackathons and helped program web applications to games using Javascript, Python, SQL, and Unity.

He has also been a DuckDuckGo Community Mentor, Community TA for 6.00.1x Python MIT edX Course, and Teen Leader at Cradles to Crayons. He also founded and led the Wellesley CreateAthon and WHS Cyberpatriot team.