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"Philately in the
Transition Period
of Hong Kong"

Philately in the Transition Period of Hong Kong

Aspects of my Current Exhibit

First Day Covers and Postal Cards

~80% of these covered were gathered from my family collection. Stamp collecting in my family started with my great grandfather

Mint Stamps

These stamps were bought the day it was released by my father and other relatives. Luckily, they were able to save these and

Used Stamps

Most of these stamps were bought from eBay. I was lucky to have gotten the whole set of the Queen Victoria collection from a stamp dealer at a local stamp show.


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. **Pictures of the back of covers will be uploaded soon. Updating as of 8/19/15 **

Early Hong Kong Philately Pg. 2

QV First Issue, QV Postal Card

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg. 3

Hong Kong Industries, Hong Kong Park issues

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg.4

Hong Kong Public Housing, QV2 80th Birthday

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg.5

Hong Kong Port Past/Present, Hong Kong Nightlife

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg.6

Hong Kong Jockey, Hong Kong Aviation

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg.7

Maps of Hong Kong, The life and times of Queen Elizabeth

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg.8

100 Years of Electricity Anniversary, 150th Anniversary of HKPO

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg.9

Hong Kong Education, Chinese Opera

Transfer of Sovereignty Pg.10

Hong Kong Community Service, Olympics

Post-Handover Pg.11

Hong Kong SAR, World Bank

Post-Handover Pg.12

'97 HK Stamp Exhibition, Lantau Link

Post-Handover Pg.13, 14, 15, 16

10th Anniversary Celebrating the Hong Kong SAR establishment

Timeline of Hong Kong

  • Pre-1842

    Small Fishing Village

    Hong Kong, a fishing community, is under China's rule. Nevertheless, at the time, Hong Kong was lightly populated and was largely ignored by Chinese officials.

  • August 29, 1842

    Treaty of Nanking

    On this date, the Treaty of Nanking was signed, marking the start of British Rule.

  • 1979

    MacLehose meets Deng

    At this time, China's Premier Deng Xiaoping invited Hong Kong's governor Murray MacLehose to Beijing. Deng told MacLehose that China might take over Hong Kong by 1997 but it would respect Hong Kong's special status.
    This meeting marked first ocassion high level talks on Hong Kong Sovereignty between Britain and Hong Kong.

  • June, 1982

    Thatcher meets Deng

    Chinese Premier Deng Xiaoing meets Britain's prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Deng stood firm on his intention of taking back Hong Kong. Thatcher tried to hold her line by saying that China would violate the international treaty if China tried to take the Hong Kong.

  • July 1, 1979

    Hong Kong Handover

    Hong Kong is officially handed over to the People's Republic of China. China pledges to take care of Hong Kong under their "one country, two systems" mantra.

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